HPE Virtual Storage Appliance Blueprints

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HPE Virtual Storage Appliance Blueprints

Calvin Zito plus connu sous le nom de HPStorageGuy sur les réseaux sociaux vient de publier 7 blueprints sur HPE Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA)

The blueprints look at typical configurations that help you understand how you can deploy StoreVirtual. Each one is centered around a customer challenge, an example configuration, a high level diagram a list of suggested software and hardware, and recommendations for expanding or modifying the solution.

Ces Blueprints se présente sous la forme d'un PDF de 2 pages répondant à une problématique bien spécifique :

  • Blueprint #1 compares traditional data storage with SDS technology. Includes definition of virtual storage appliance (VSA), basic features and benefits, and environments for deployment.
  • Blueprint #2 describes the challenges of traditional IT infrastructures, and shows how SDS addresses these challenges.
  • Blueprint #3 explores the limitations of physical storage systems and storage siloes.
  • Blueprint #4 addresses unpredictable workloads and investment protection in mixed-vendor IT environments.
  • Blueprint #5 includes an HPE BladeSystem c7000 enclosure at the data center, and StoreVirtual VSA installed on industry-standard servers at remote offices.
  • Blueprint #6 shows a cost-effective, simple configuration for small to midsize businesses looking to deploy SDS at remote sites with HPE StoreVirtual 4335 Hybrid Storage Systems at the main office.
  • Blueprint #7 describes open-platform storage solutions comprised of HPE Hyper Converged appliances and StoreVirtual VSA.


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